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The kitchen that was constructed by Fatih Mehmet Sultan in the Topkapi Palace was 5250 m2.  The kitchen was such an important part of the palace and comprised of 8 separate areas. Food from the Kushane kitchen was prepared for the Padishah; and other areas prepared food for the Harems, Veziers, Harem Masters, the Court Veziers where each had their own chef in separate kitchens.

Fatih Mehmet Sultan enjoyed shrimp, chicken and fish the most. In the foods prepared for him, the chefs used mainly eggs in the ingredients. On the other hand, Abdulhamit II’s favorite dish was eggs and onions. As a matter of fact he would reward the chef who made it the best; as it was considered a dish that anyone could make well.  It took 3.5 hours to cook.  Cinnamon was a major ingredient in the most popular meat dishes.  The most preferred vegetable was eggplant that was specially brought over from China.

The Ottoman kitchen is vast and all the dishes have one thing in common – they all take so much time and effort to make.